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Expansion Joint

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Expansion Joint

Gurukrupa Engineering is the best Expansion Joints Suppliers,Manufacturers and exporters in Pune, India. Our intensive cooperation with competent and experienced manufacturers of expansion joints enables us to deliver operationally effective and economically attractive solutions. In building construction, an expansion joint is a mid-structure separation designed to relieve stress on building materials caused by building movement induced by:

  • thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes
  • sway caused by wind
  • seismic events
  • static load deflection
  • live load deflection

Fabric Expansion joints

We are the best manufacturer and supplier of Fabric Expansion Joints in Pune, India.Fabric expansion joints are extremely flexible and can be made from a variety of special woven fabrics coated or laminated with selected elastomers or fluoro polymers. Fabric expansion joints are used to insulate, to avoid mechanical loads and to protect against abrasion.They offer advantages for the pipe work designer as they can absorb movements simultaneously in several directions. Further, they have almost no reactive forces and require little space.

Brand Gurukrupa Engineering
Material SS
Normal Dia 3-4 feet
Surface Finish Powder Coated

Expansion joints are applicable to various industrial applications including the following:

  • Power Generation Units
  • Chemical Processing Plants.
  • Pressure Vessel Manufacturing
  • Heat Exchanger Manufacturing
  • Paper And Textile Industries
  • Industrial Cryogenics and Instrumentation
  • Fabric Expansion Joints Are Quick & Simple To Install
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator Plants
  • Building Construction and Architect Engineering
  • Railway Track Construction Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Oil And Gas Industries
  • Marine, Naval And Ship Building Industries
  • Incineration Industries
  • Sewage And Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Pollution Control Plant
  • Nuclear And defense-Related Applications
  • Automobile Fabrication